You can now recognize our products with the Fairtrade seal.

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Fairtrade is a simple way to make a difference to the lives of the people who grow and create the things we love. It’s all about making trade fair”

For AGROS, contributing to meeting the needs of the people who work in the company is essential for the human and emotional development of each one of them. Therefore, collaborating in creating fair trade at a national and international level became priorities since 2020.

To this day, we proudly communicate that the work of a great team within the company has paid off by achieving Fairtrade International Certification. Certification that approves that our fresh greenhouse products are produced under strict Fairtrade social, economic and environmental criteria, which benefit producers, consumers and the community.

The program seeks to be fair to farm workers by ensuring:

  • Decent working conditions
  • Ban on discrimination
  • Ban forced labor
  • Ban child labor
  • An extra sum of money paid on top of the selling price to invest in business or community projects of their choice

The retail market understands the need to promote fair trade and requests its suppliers to be part of this program, which allows the benefits to be extended to a greater number of communities, workers and agricultural companies. At AGROS we are willing to participate in the market with supermarket chains that request compliance with social and environmental responsibility requirements.

For 7 months, the entire team at AGROS worked in a committed way to achieve one of our main objectives, to become Fairtrade.

In the process, we discovered some important challenges such as raising awareness in staff about the rights they count as workers, achieving collective empowerment. It was also relevant to inform them to recognize the impact that the program generates on community projects. Identify premium participants such as workers who perform harvesting, maintenance, cleaning, packing, pests, and irrigation.

Today we continue our efforts to reaffirm to each worker the importance of their work every day, even more so in such difficult times due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, agricultural workers are an essential part of the world’s food, therefore, it is imperative promote their development and that of the community.

You can now recognize our products with the Fair Trade seal and be part of the change in the quality of life of our workers.

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