Meet the new memeber of the family: Mini Cuke.

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At Agros we continue to grow and this year we have incorporated the cultivation of Mini Cuke, or Persian cucumbers, in our greenhouses. Our Mini Cukes cucumber are high quality vegetables with great nutritional characteristics. They are cucumbers with a thin skin that provide fiber to your daily diet.

We are currently producing around 2.5 tons of these cucumbers per hectare on a daily basis. This allows us to offer our customers the product demand they require. In addition, our Persian cucumbers have excellent quality due to the fact that the entire Agros team takes great care of the cultivation processes.

Another characteristic of our cucumber plants is that they grow on average between 50 and 60 cm, the equivalent of 10 centimeters a day, allowing us to have delicious and healthy cucumbers in a very short time, since the cucumber itself grows approximately 1 centimeter a day.

It is also important for us to talk about our workforce. We have 12 to 14 people per hectare working so that our clients and consumers receive excellent products. And this is, for us, twice as much as a tomato crop, which allows us to employ many more people.

And finally, we have a curious fact for you. Did you know that our cucumbers only bear female flowers? This makes cucumbers require no pollination!

At Agros we seek to grow every day and offer our customers the best service accompanied by high quality products. With Agros Produce you have the confidence of obtaining healthy vegetables grown with love and care. Try our Persian cucumbers, also called mini cukes!

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