Greenhouse 18 project is finally a reality.

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This past September 22, at Agros Produce, we inaugurated our Greenhouse number 18. We feel very proud of this great achievement that would not have been possible without the effort and great teamwork of all the people involved during the 158 days that its implementation took us.

Every detail was taken care of in order to make this a greenhouse of the highest technology. This is the first greenhouse at Agros with a PTRE gutter which allows us to obtain cultivation rows from one sole piece using few connections, in this way optimizing the drainage and recollection of irrigation water. Within the greenhouse, we have an underground infrastructure of electrical and hydraulic power, as well as an external meteorological station that registers parameters such as outside temperature, relative humidity, radiation, speed, wind direction, and rain. And inside the greenhouse, there are sensors that register temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 concentration.

The system authorized to regulate temperature and irrigation allows us to control the conditions of the space and create an ideal environment for cultivation. With these systems, we aim to achieve the best use of light, water, and space to produce crops with high standards of quality and safety with the aim of satisfying the needs of the market and continuing to feed thousands of families in the world. 

At Agros, we aim to expand ourselves with the main goal of continuing to produce the best hydroponic tomatoes in Mexico. And with the opening of Greenhouse 18, we will not only continue contributing to improve the food in our country, but also the advancement of more families in Querétaro. 

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