Celebrating 29 year of being pioneers in the Agroindustry

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This month, 29 years after the Great Start of our operations, AGROS has established itself as the pioneers in innovation, human development and sustainability in high-tech greenhouses. That is why, to commemorate this great journey, we want to share a little about each phase of growth, challenges and achievements of this great family.

1992 – 1996


The field that we occupy today is called “Rancho La Soledad”. Since the acquisition of the land in 1992, it was decided to produce Tomato under hydroponics with rock and tezontle, automating most of the processes and creating the packing and office areas.

We began selling at the national markets and shortly after the commerce agreement was signed with international companies, thus exporting to the United States and Canada. And thanks to this, the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) is attended for the first time.

We closed this cycle with 167 workers and 6 hectares of greenhouses.

1997 – 2001


We continue to grow and optimize the resources of each productive area. From heating and CO2 injection in glass greenhouses, to updating production hardware and software.

We achieved the “Certi-Clean” certification in food safety based on HACCP. Our direct sales increased 8% in supermarkets and we participated for the first time in Foodex in Tokyo.

We closed this cycle with 208 workers and 11 hectares of greenhouses.

2002 – 2006


At this stage, the automated “Bola” Tomato packing line was created with a capacity of 6 tons per hour.

Digital infrastructure projects such as the communication and inventory control systems were started. There are also supporting infrastructure projects such as natural gas distribution network, a cleaning, disinfection and cooling system for irrigation water.

We were proudly recognized with the 1st place of Premio Estatal de Exportación (Export prize).

We closed this cycle with 225 workers and 13 hectares of greenhouses.

2007 – 2011


During these years we overcame various obstacles such as the market decline and export prices due to the suspicion of “salmonella” in the Mexican tomato. Also 3 week crop loss due to well damage. The influenza health crisis occurred at this stage.

Despite the challenges presented, we strengthened ourselves by implementing the inventory control and accounting system, the annual fixed-price volume program with retailers in the United States began, and we obtained the CTPAT and SQF Quality and Safety certifications.

In order to have fresh products all year round, the staggered production strategy (interplanting) was implemented. In addition, we included 2 Vialux equipment to the infrastructure for the recovery of 30% of the drainage water of 13 hectares and pipes were placed to channel the irrigation of greenhouses.

We closed this cycle with 250 workers and 13 hectares of greenhouses.

2012 – 2016


During this stage we were fortunate to celebrate the challenges overcome and the progress in our great company.

We were recognized by Retailer of the USA as the 1st self-managed supplier in the Latin American Supplier Development program, aimed at complying with ethical and environmental standards, as well as being recognized as the Best Supplier of the year in a direct import program. We obtained the Certification of the SQF code level 3 for greenhouse and packaging.

We increased 50% of capacity in the automated packing line for “Bola” Tomato and the third Vialux water treatment plant was included to recirculate the water from greenhouses 15 and 16.

As a socially responsible company, we were recognized by CONEVyT as a company committed to education and we signed the collaboration agreement with INEA, endorsing the company’s commitment to the literacy and education of its staff.

We closed this cycle with 360 workers and 20 hectares of greenhouses.

2017- 2021


We recognized opportunities and strengths within our own company and decided to renew ourselves. Starting with the creation of a new organizational structure, the successful succession of General Management, the creation of our own exporting company AGROS Produce LLC, the development of producers for commercialization, we received the recognition as Producer of the year by AMHPAC, we included the comprehensive program of Marketing and also obtaining our Fairtrade certification. This stage has undoubtedly been one of consolidation for the new challenges that are yet to arise.

Due to the impulse of the new General Management, new objectives were established in each department, the strategic plan for growth was implemented until 2025, offices and administrative spaces were remodeled for the well-being of employees.

To date, 4 hectares of high-tech greenhouses are being built that will begin operations this year to increase tomato production.

Today we are celebrating 29 years of great success, with more than 500 employees and 25 hectares of greenhouses.

Thanks to the valuable teamwork of each of our employees who live our values and company philosophy day by day to continue growing and dreaming big.

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