Automation in the agro industry. AGROS and AWETA: a 19 year partnership to add value to our consumers.

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High technology is very important to AGROS´s processes to deliver high quality produce to our customers. From our greenhouses to the packing process, we have strict food safety guidelines in place that warranties our commitment to deliver safe fresh veggies to the consumer. Technology helps us to fit these guidelines in the proper manner, increasing our productivity and capacity.

To make this possible, we have partnered with AWETA, provider of sorting & packing technology. AWETA has supported and assisted us since 2002, to become the first company, in the local area, that started to use high tech machines for sorting and packing of produce.

Before AWETA technology, fruit color and weight sorting were done manually in AGROS´ packing facility. Packing only 1 ton per hour. In 2002 due to foreign market demands, AGROS got the first AWETA Cup machine, with 4 sorting lines on weight and color. Capacity increased to 6 tons per hour. We became pioneers in adopting this technology! 

In 2014, greenhouses expansion and new market needs took us to increase our  production and reevaluate our packing capacity. To meet these requirements, AGROS  expanded packing capacity by changing to a 6 line cup AWETA machine, with LedVision camera system for sorting on color, diameter, and weight. Now packing up to 9 tons per hour in perfect shape, size, and quality.

The cup sorting machine is specifically designed to handle tomatoes. Thanks to the unique design of the diabolos and cups, the automated singulator can align and rotate the tomatoes without manual operators. It makes sure the product is not damaged during the time they run over the machines. Perfect tomatoes!

Some key features of this machine that help us to deliver high quality tomatoes are:

  • User friendly
  • Ensuring perfect singulation
  • Optimal camera presentation
  • Fruit friendly, silent, accurate
  • Maintenance friendly

AWETA technology helps AGROS to add value to customers thanks to quality benefits like:    

  • Real-time product quality monitoring and reduction of destructive tests that delivers weak statistical info.
  • Decision tools for storage management  
  • Extraction of niche products   
  • Homogenous batches of external and internal quality  
  • Labor reduction  
  • Tracking tracing input/output  
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Meeting customer thus retail demand 
  • Remote technical support.

AGROS looks forward to an upgrade in the user interface system, Flowmaster which will allow to control sorting and packing needs in a very simple and efficient way. It is a full operating system and can be used for all involved parties: from sorting to packing and palletizing tomatoes.

Nowadays, thanks to technology partners as AWETA, AGROS has increased capacity and quality over the years, making it the pioneer leading agro company at  the area in the last 29 years.
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