Agros Produce expands for you!

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We are happy to announce that agros grows and expands to keep providing consistent quality, food safety and on time deliveries to our customer and final consumer all year-round!

On December 3, 2020, the expansion contract was signed with our friends and partners at Metaliser.

Visit to know more about them:

Expansion total area: 4.8 hectares.

Production area: 4.4 hectares.

Crecimiento del 19%.   

Physical characteristics (heights, plastic covers, etc.)

  • Total height of 9.70 meters
  • Zenithal ventilation 2VD
  • Plastic Cover

Additional technology (cooling screen)

  • Hight Technology
  • Cover on Plastic Walls and Inflatable Cover
  • Motorized Shading Screen
  • Air Recirculation System Eco Fan +5400 Priva
  • Hot Water Heating System
  • Irrigation Nutriflex 40 Priva
  • Water recirculation
  • New Connext Priva PLANTONOMY Climate Control.
    Designed to simplify the uniform development of crops.
    Plantonomy ™ manages plants according to their natural biorhythm. Modify settings based on what the plant needs and when it needs it..

Estimated construction completion date: May 2021

Type of fruit to be planted: Beefsteak tomato

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